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Ron Haselden was awarded an Andrew Grant scholarship to study sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art (1961-66). He taught sculpture at the Slade School London, and the Department of Fine Art at Reading University where he founded the Mixed Media area in the early seventies. He lives and works in London and in Plouër-sur-Rance, France. Haselden has shown in many major international galleries and was awarded the Sargant Fellowship at the British School at Rome, Italy, and during the course of his productions he has received awards and grants from numerous funding bodies as well as being represented in many private and public collections which include The Arts Council of Great Britain, The Lorne Award, The Hamlyn Foundation, The Elephant Trust, The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, The London Arts Board, The Henry Moore Foundation, The British Council, The RSA Art for Architecture Award Scheme, Alliance Française, Conseil Général Côtes d’Armor and le Fonds Régional d’Arts Contemporain (FRAC) de Brétagne, Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Secrétaire pour l’association Finis-Terrae, Residences–d-artistes sur l’île d’Ouessant.

Much of the sculpture is concerned with light as constructions, photographic works and video. The three-dimensional work ranges from a minute scale to large performance productions involving up to 400 participants which take place in major cities in Europe and elsewhere. Some sculpture is permanently installed in public spaces throughout the UK , whilst other work is conceived and installed in galleries or for limited periods of time in rural landscape locations. 

Recent Exhibitions and ongoing works:


  • Frères et sœurs Plouër-sur-Rance


  • Essaim. A hand sewn flag for a group exhibition and then touring. Finis Terrae. Ile D’Ouessant. France.

  • Great sea voyages I never made except one. Come Hell or High Water. CHOHW. Summer Solstice. Limehouse Reach. London.

  • Wild in Life. Selected artist for an ongoing project with children to produce neon sculptures to be ‘hosted’ by residents within the town of Soest, Germany.

  • John Timberlake and Ron Haselden. A collaborative exhibition. HUSK, Limehouse, London.

  • Brothers and Sisters. An ongoing light installation working with children and their drawings. La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel-Marne-La-Vallée. France.

  • Family Idea. Light Festivals, Schloss Dyck, Arcent and Essen. Lumen in Art BV.


  • Echelle. A 10 metre ladder clad in red neon. Lumiere Durham.

  • Brothers and Sisters. An ongoing light installation working with children and their drawings. Late Night Leeds.

  • Voile. A 12 metre x 4 metre installation at Le Nessay, St.Briac, for Festivart France.

  • Small Box works. Galerie des petits carreaux. St Briac, France

  • From The Kitchen Table. Group exhibition. Drew Gallery Projects. 1984-90. Southwark Park Galleries // Lake Gallery, London.


  • From The Kitchen Table. Group exhibition. Drew Gallery Projects. 1984-90. Herbert Read Gallery. Canterbury. UK

  • Echelle.  City Festival of Damme, Belgium

  • Les Voyageurs. An installation, 32 metres long, in the field at La Lande Chauve. ‘Côté cour, côté jardin’. Plouër sur Rance, France.

  • Small Box works. Art Paris, Grand Palais. Presented by Galerie des petits carreaux.

  • Echelle. Installed on the spire of St.Martin in the Fields Church, Trafalgar Square, London for ‘Lumiere London’ UK


  • The Land. A large scale light installation working with drawings by the local farmers and children. Gallery Hå gamle prestegard, Håvegen, Norway.

  • Small Box works. Approche, Paris. Presented by Galerie des petits carreaux.

  • Brothers and Sisters and Mille Enfants de Lyon. Solo exhibition continuing to develop new additions from local school children. Rohan Gallery, Landerneau. France.

  • Small Box works. Art Paris, Grand Palais. Presented by Galerie des petits carreaux.

  • Diver and Brothers and Sisters. Kings Cross and Grosvenor Square. ‘Lumiere London’.


  • Brothers and Sisters and Echelle- for the exhibition 'Neon' and 'Lightpool', Blackpool, in association with the Grundy Gallery Blackpool.

  • Sealife. A twenty five metre long sculpture for the beach, Toul Gwen, in Brittany, France. Made from lightweight materials of steel rods and fishermans twine, it was totallay submerged by the incoming Autumn Equinox Spring Tides. Underwater film made by Marcel Dinahet to be shown on the website Documents D'Artistes Bretagne. for the exhibition 'Estran'.

  • Luminary. A five metre high 'walk through' structure supports a number of large scale illuminated drawings by untutored elderly people. An ongoing light-work working with drawings from elderly people from several towns throughout Britain. Fabrica Art Gallery, Brighton.

  • Brothers and Sisters. Continuing the project with illuminated drawings by young children which will be 'adopted' by participating residents around the town of Brighton - in the windows of their homes and gardens for Fabrica Gallery and the Brighton Festival.

  • Small Box works. Grand Palais. ‘ArtParis’. With Galerie des petits carreaux.

  • Holborn Underground Light-work drawings. 1st prize winner unrealised project. ‘Designology’ Exhibition. London Transport Museum. London, UK


  • Sleep. Manoir de Coatcouraval, Glomel. Exhibition ‘Lieux Mouvants’. Brittany, France.

  • Selected works including Luminous Landscape, ‘. Galerie des Petits Carreaux. St. Briac. Brittany, France.

  • Brothers and Sisters. An ongoing light-work working with children installed throughout the town. ‘Invitation au Royaume-Uni’. Aubenas, Ardèche, France.

  • White Towers. ‘Hôtel Particulier’. A group exhibition organised by David Micheal Clarke and Anabelle Hulaut. Musée D’art et Histoire du Pays de Château Gontier. Château Gontier. France

  • Iseebeesbeforemyeyes. A lightwork commissioned for the touring exhibition by ‘Outrider’, exploring the Alfred Wallace collection of books and photographs of beekeeping. Including a talk at the Ikon Gallery Birmingham and publication by Ron Haselden, Go and talk to the bees. MA Bibliotéche 2014.


  • Le va-et-vient des choses. Conseil Générale du Finistère. Le Musée des Phares et Balises. Ile d’Ouessant.. France

  • Plaisir d’offrir, Galerie des petits carreaux, Paris, France.


  • The lluminated Library. Shortlisted artist University of the Air, Public Art Project 2013

  • Aller Retour. ‘Ulysses. L'Autre mer’ FRAC Bretagne. Rennes.

  • Sorties. ‘Ulysses. L'Autre mer’. Phare de Stiff. FRAC Bretagne. Ile d’Ouessant, France.

  • Papillon de la nuit. ‘Association l’Art au fil de la Rance’. Les Guérandes. Plouër sur Rance. France.

  • Fête. ‘Lumiere Festival’. Durham UK and Derry, Northern Ireland. Artichoke, London.

  • Paysage. Galerie des petits carreaux, St.Briac, France.

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